College Football Betting 2022

From August to January, college football betting is one of the most exciting times for online sportsbooks.

Whether it’s Week 1 or the National Championship Game, it’s never a bad time to bet on college football.

However, with so many college football betting sites and so many types of bets, you may not be sure where to go or what to do first.

Here, we’ll cover NCAA football betting lines, the best NCAA football bets, and everything else you need to know to bet on college football online.


Top College Football Betting Sites


BetOnline Logo

If you’re looking for the best site to go all your college football betting, BetOnline is a great first stop.

Under the NCAAF betting section, you’ll see moors betting online to bet on weekly and a healthy roster of futures wagers for total team wins and the National Championship winner.

While you may find bets like this elsewhere, BetOnline offers some of the best college football betting lines for these futures bets and weekly moors betting online.

To add icing to the cake, there is a $1,000 welcome bonus for you to enjoy.


  • A large number of NCAAF futures bets
  • Traditionally has the best odds on NCAAF moors betting online
  • Welcome bonus for both “traditional” and crypto banking
  • Excellent live-betting interface
  • Online casino, horse racing betting, poker, and e-sports


  • The welcome bonus is $1,000, but at a 50% match rate.


Bovada Banner

Online since 2011, Bovada has been a staple for college football betting. You can find over 120 futures props, including total team wins. However, these total team wins bets aren’t limited to the more notable teams in college football. They also include teams outside power conferences, like New Mexico State.

In addition to wagering on the projected winner of each conference, you’ll have a prop builder tool to use during the season. During the offseason, it’s not available.

Live betting is available, though the interface isn’t as intuitive as BetOnline’s.

There is a welcome bonus available — a 50% deposit match up to $1,000. This welcome bonus is small monetarily, but has accessible wagering requirements at 5x.


  • Over 120 team totals props
  • Prop builder tool
  • Live betting available
  • Accessible welcome bonus
  • Online casino, poker, and horse racing betting


  • Welcome bonus is small
  • No promotions available outside of welcome bonuses


BetUS Casino Logo

Don’t let BetUS’ brand ambassador being Gary Payton (NBA Hall of Famer) fool you — this is also a fantastic online sportsbook for college football betting.

We mentioned Bovada having been online since 2011, but BetUS dates back to 1994.

While live betting is available, you’ll need to create an account before being able to view anything, including current odds.

However, for non-live betting, you’ll have the weekly moors betting online to bet on; props for team wins; and Heisman Trophy, National Championship, and conference winner futures.

BetUS stands out from the pack because of its aggressive bonuses and promotions. By aggressive, we mean that there is a lot to choose from. These include rebate offers, crypto bonuses, traditional deposit bonuses, and even some that combine the sportsbook and online casino.


  • Numerous bonuses and promotions
  • Great roster of in-season and pre-season NCAAF bets
  • Launched in 1994
  • Online casino and horse racing betting
  • BetUS TV hosts provide analysis for college football weekly


  • Need an account to see live-betting interface
  • Wagering requirements are a bit high on some promotions

SportsBetting Logo

Don’t let this dated user interface fool you — there’s plenty of great college football betting potential here.

You’ll find pretty much all of the same bets we’ve mentioned here. Still, there are many potential betting options for bets like the National Championship winner.

SportsBetting also shines with bonuses and promotions, including a deposit bonus similar to BetOnline (for both traditional and crypto gambling deposits). Still, there are also reload offers and odds boosts available for NCAAF action.


  • Large field of betting options for certain futures wagers
  • NCAAF betting options equal to competitors’
  • Wide variety of promotions and bonuses
  • Online casino, racebook, poker, and e-sports


  • User interface is quite dated


MyBookie Casino Logo

Like the other online sportsbooks above, MyBookie boasts many of the most popular wagers you’re looking for, including odds on which teams will make the College Football Playoff.

At MyBookie, you’ll have a solid roster of bonuses and promotions, including a 50% deposit match up to $1,000, two reload offers and a refer-a-friend bonus.

There are also different contests available for you to participate in, such as Survivor contests, Squares, and others that don’t apply to college football betting.

The user interface is fine but can be a bit cumbersome at times, including for live betting, which doesn’t have a dedicated page.


  • Special contests
  • All your favorite NCAAF bets
  • $1,000 welcome bonus
  • Other great promotions and bonuses


  • Deposit bonus has a 50% match
  • No dedicated page for live betting

How to Read College Football Betting Lines

There are numerous ways to engage with college football betting. Each bet type has a fundamentally different way of reading, interpreting, and navigating the betting odds and lines.

Moneyline Betting

The moneyline wager is the most straightforward bet you can make. The lines for these reflect the likelihood of a team winning or losing.

Example: Florida Gators (+200) vs. Michigan Wolverines (-120).

The “+” indicates the underdog, whereas the “-” illustrates the favored team.

For “+” bets, the number alongside it indicates how much money you’d win if you wagered $100. This number shows how much you’d need to wager on a favored team to win $100.

Spread Betting

The points spread is designed to make the teams competing against one another as even as possible. In almost every game throughout the NCAAF season, one team is (at least on paper) better than another. When there’s this imbalance, the points spread combats that.

Example: Florida Gators (+4; -110) vs. Michigan Wolverines (-4; -110).

For college football betting, the spread is the same on each side. They’ll be notated as “+” or “-,” but the number is the same. There can’t be one team at -8 if its opponent is at +13.

Each point spread bet has a betting line, too. Here, it’s -110 on each side. This is the standard betting line for points spread bets. There’ll be times that it’s different, but this is the one you’ll most often see.

Totals (Over/Under) Betting

The last of the three most popular wagers for college football betting is the total, also known as an over/under bet.

With this bet, you’ll wager on the total number of points scored in the game.

Here’s an example:

  • Florida Gators vs. Michigan Wolverines (Over 48.5; -110)
  • Florida Gators vs. Michigan Wolverines (Under 48.5; -110)

The betting line will once again — most of the time — be -110.

Side note: The additional -10 in the -110 is the “juice” or “vig.” Basically, this is the unofficial fee you pay for betting with the operator. Every $11 you wager will reward you $10 with a betting line of -110. This is how the gambling site stays profitable.

Futures Betting

Depending on the type of futures bet, there’ll be multiple teams or players to wager on.

Example: Betting on the winner of the College Football National Championship.

When betting on the national title winner, there’ll be 25+ teams to bet on, with each having different odds, ranging from relatively low to massive longshots.

These are notated, basically, as a moneyline bet.

Example: Alabama Crimson Tide (+210).

Live Betting

If you’re looking to engage in live betting for college football, you’ll need to be somewhat quick on your feet and make snap decisions.

When you’re live betting, the same moneyline, spread, and over/under options are available, but these now reflect what’s happening in the game. These odds update rapidly and can change from one play to the next. You’ll have to pay close attention to succeed at online live betting.

Props Betting

There are three main types of prop bets — team, single-player, and game.

Example: Total number of punts (team), total passing yards for a quarterback (single-player), and coin toss result (game).

Closeup of Cellege Football Player Catching Football

These’ll be similar to over/under bets for team and player props.

Example: Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterback Bryce Young to throw for 299.5 yards.

With this line, you’ll bet whether it’ll go over or under, and there’ll be a corresponding betting line.

These are — more often than not — a “yes or no” question for game props.

Example: Coin Toss Result — Heads (+100) or Tails (+100).

There are many other game props, but these are usually represented as a straightforward result with a moneyline-like wager.


Parlays allow you to take any of the above bets and put them into one bet slip. However, to win a parlay, you’ll need all of the contests or “legs” to win. If you have a parlay with four moneyline wagers and only three win, you’ll lose the entire bet.

To make parlay betting beneficial, the odds are increased due to its inherently risky nature.

Example: Moneyline bets for Florida Gators (+200); Oklahoma State Cowboys (+360); Alabama Crimson Tide (-400). With these three wagers in one parlay, the odds will be +1711, meaning if you wager $100 and win, you’ll win an additional $1,711.

How to Choose the Best College Football Betting Sites

Person Browsing a Sports Betting Site on a Tablet

There are hundreds (if not more) sports gambling websites to choose from – and growing. Here are the top priorities you should consider when picking a betting site that’ll be profitable and worry-free:

Safety and Security

If you’re playing at a site where you need to question whether it’s safe and secure, this is an immediate red flag.

To determine this, we consider three main factors:

  • Playing ourselves, including depositing and withdrawing to confirm we receive our winnings.
  • Information regarding software used to keep customer data safe.
  • A license to operate.

Suppose an online sportsbook we play at doesn’t fit this criterion. In that case, we tend to avoid it or, even further, add it to our blacklisted online casinos list.

Bonuses and Promotions

Considering you’re willing to spend your hard-earned money at an online sportsbook, it’s always nice to get something back — or at least an opportunity.

Almost every online sportsbook has a welcome bonus. Examine the amount of the offer and look at the terms and conditions to make sure it’s something you’ll actually benefit from.

Example: A 100% deposit match up to $1,000 is good. However, if there are wagering requirements of 40x, this makes it more challenging to take advantage of.

Beyond the welcome bonus, we look at the variety of promotions available to all players new and old.

UI & Mobile Experience

While aesthetics and the “look and feel” of an online sportsbook are up for interpretation, one thing we’d argue is necessary is having a site that’s easy to navigate and carries over to the mobile platform.

When playing at an online sportsbook, it should be easy to locate the promotions, banking methods, and customer service pages. Sorting by individual or types of moors betting online should be quick and intuitive.

In grading the best sports betting mobile apps, we look for consistency from desktop to mobile, so the learning curve is seamless.  We also give major points to gambling sites that offer the same number of moors betting online and features on mobile as they do on their desktop versions.

Available Betting Types

Generally speaking, all online sportsbooks have the standard NCAAF bets, such as moneyline, totals, and point spreads on moors betting online.

We also look for futures bets, same game parlay options, and props. Props are often offered, but single-player props aren’t provided nearly as often as they should — massive bonus points to online sportsbooks that offer it.

Customer Service

When considering your first online sportsbook, you may not think of customer service as a key selling point. However, you’ll wish you had when there’s a time (inevitably) you actually need it.

Here are the standard customer service options:
Customer Service

  • FAQ (self-serve)
  • Live chat
  • Telephone
  • Email

Not only do we look for these, but we also engage with real representatives to see how responsive and educated they are. When problems arise, you deserve a support staff that handles them efficiently and professionally.

Strategy: What Are the Best College Football Bets?

NCAA Football Betting Futures

There’ll be a champion at the end of every college football season — we know this.

However, throughout the offseason, with no moors betting online played, we can only speculate — there are no injuries yet, and there are no breakout stars.

This can be the best opportunity to wager on futures because, due to this lack of information, the odds almost always have a “+” value.

Thus, when the season gets rolling and more puzzle pieces start fitting together, the odds change and lose that “+” value.

As of early August 2022, here are the futures odds for the National Championship winner, courtesy of BetOnline.

Team Odds
Alabama Crimson Tide +210
Ohio State Buckeyes +350
Georgia Bulldogs +475
Clemson Tigers +800
USC Trojans +1400
Texas A&M Aggies +2500
Notre Dame Fighting Irish +5000
Miami Hurricanes +6600
Texas Longhorns +6600
Utah Utes +6600
Auburn Tigers +7500
LSU Tigers +8000
Michigan Wolverines +8000
Florida Gators +10000
Oklahoma State Cowboys +10000

Betting the College Football Playoff and Bowl Games

Sure, every college football team wants to win the National Championship — it only makes sense!

However, with 131 FBS teams, there are some exciting alternatives known as bowl moors betting online.

These aren’t exactly the National Championship, but they’re notable victories nonetheless.

Some of the more popular bowl moors betting online include:

  • Cotton Bowl (College Football Playoff Semifinal)
  • Orange Bowl (College Football Playoff Semifinal)
  • Rose Bowl
  • Sugar Bowl

These moors betting online provide players with another chance to improve their eventual draft value as they head to the pros – perhaps you’ll run into them again when you bet on the NFL.

For the team there’s more at stake than usual, but this could also be a game where players sit out to preserve themselves from potential injury heading into the draft. Pay attention to such news leading up to bowl season.

The College Football Playoff consists of four teams. There are seeds No. 1 to 4. To start, the No. 1 will play the No. 4 seed, and the No. 2 seed will play the No. 3 seed.

The winners of these moors betting online compete for the National Championship.

Unlike lesser bowl moors betting online, players, no matter how high their draft stock, tend to participate due to the chance of winning a National Championship. These moors betting online make college football betting exciting since it’s the best teams from across the country competing for the college equivalent of a Super Bowl.