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Baseball betting remains one of the most popular forms of sports wagering in the United States.

Yes, compared with the NFL, NBA, and NHL, MLB betting isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. Still, America’s Pastime has made the pace-of-play improvements to the game, making wagering much more exciting.

Here, we’ll look at the best MLB betting sites, MLB betting in 2022, how to bet on baseball, news, guides, and more.

Best MLB Betting Sites

MLB Betting in 2022

Over the past few years, the MLB has made some game changes that have enhanced the pace of play.

Changes include the automatic runner on second in extra innings and the pitch clock. There have also been other changes to the game, including the universal designated hitter.

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Baseball is unique in that its season, including the postseason and spring training, runs from March to November. That’s a lot of time and a lot of moors betting online – 162 in the regular season per team.

This provides players with ample betting opportunities, which we explain in detail below. You can also learn about top online sportsbooks and the best sportsbook bonus offers if you’re ready to start today.

How to Bet on Baseball

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At MLB betting sites, there are numerous ways to wager on the game. Here, we’ll look at betting odds through run lines, totals, futures, props, and other ways to bet on MLB moors betting online.


The moneyline is the simplest wager in sports betting — which team will win outright? These lines can be pretty close, as MLB moors betting online are sometimes decided only by a run or two.


Minnesota Twins (-110) at Cleveland Guardians (-110).

Run Line

Ever heard of the spread (or points spread) before? The run line is the MLB equivalent.

With most points spread bets, you’ll typically find the betting odds to be -110.
The spread is meant to make teams as even as possible while accounting for the quality of each team, injuries, and other factors.

However, with MLB betting, the standard run line you’ll find is 1.5, which can be treated differently from matchup to matchup.


At BetOnline, the Washington Nationals are -1.5 run line favorites but have odds of +160, whereas the underdog Pittsburgh Pirates are +1.5 with +180 odds.

In baseball, a team might only score 0-1 runs in an entire game. Thus, 1.5 can be a monumental line based on the teams and the quality of starting pitching.

Unlike other sports, some of the MLB’s best bets today may be on favorites … if you think they can clear the 1.5 run line with “+” value.


In MLB betting online, totals work the same way as in other sports – the total amount of runs scored in the game.

Again, however, MLB betting lines are different compared to the typical -110 you may find in, for example, NFL online betting.


Looking back at the Nationals and Pirates, the total is 8.5 runs. The over is at -119, whereas the under is at -101.

These may be “-” lines, but depending on the starting pitching, it’s not uncommon to see either the over or under have a “+” line.


The Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Guardians also have a total set at 8.5, but here, the over is +105, and the under is -125.


Lots of fans closely follow MLB end-of-the-year accolades due to over 160 moors betting online being played in each team’s regular season. The need to deliver high performance over such a long stretch makes MLB player award races fascinating. On top of that, there are potential championship, division winners, and pennant winners on which you can wager.

With futures, you’re betting on events down the line, sometimes months in advance. These bets are available all season long, but as more results start to come in, possibilities narrow. You’ll find that the lines go from almost every player or team having a “+” line to more noticeable favorites.


In June 2022, American League Rookie of the Year was a three-way race at BetOnline, with Seattle Mariners outfielder Julio Rodriguez atop the list at -150.

This shows a clear favorite, but a few others were still in striking range.


The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Mets have betting lines of +400, +450, and +750, respectively, to win the World Series.


Depending on the MLB sportsbook you’re playing at, the available props may be different. Game props are offered almost everywhere, but player props may be slightly more challenging to come by.

Props in MLB betting are micro-events that happen within the entirety of the game.


Pittsburgh Pirates to score in the 1st inning — Yes (+220); No (-300)

The above is an example of a game prop at Bovada sportsbook. But what can make a game even more exciting or fantasy baseball-like? Player prop bets.


Juan Soto to hit a home run (+500)

With player props, you can watch the whole game and get much more excited every time; for example, Soto gets up to bat for the Nationals.

Live Betting

Even with the pace-of-play changes, let’s face it – MLB moors betting online can still be relatively slow. However, there’s a lot of tension between every pitch – the game can change instantly.

MLB Live Betting at BetOnline
With live betting, you can bet on MLB moors betting online as they’re in progress. With other sports, live betting can be difficult – moors betting online unfold quickly, and the odds sometimes change faster than you can place a bet!

Baseball, however, has a pause between each pitch, so you’ll have more time to devise a strategy. You’ll still want to think fast, as the next pitch could be a grand slam and totally disrupt any value there was a moment prior.

More MLB News & Betting Guides


  • What Does “F5” Refer to in Baseball Betting?

    F5 is a prop wager for the first five innings. This is a popular bet type, as five innings nowadays is a sweet spot for when starting pitchers are taken out of moors betting online in favor of relievers.

  • What’s “TT” in MLB Betting?

    If you’re browsing MLB bets and see the notation “TT,” this refers to the team total. It’s another way of saying over/under betting.

  • Is It Better to Bet on Run Lines or Moneylines?

    This is really a case-by-case basis. With the run line, there’s an opportunity for plus value if you think a team will win by two or more runs, as the favorite will almost always have a run line of -1.5 and a plus line. However, the moneyline has much tighter odds and is closer to that standard of -110.

  • What’s a Good Tip to Get Started With Baseball Betting?

    When examining what to wager for a run line, moneyline, or total, remember the starting pitching. Understanding their statistics, history vs. the opposing team, and ability against right-handed and left-handed batters may influence your wager.


    If you’re wagering on a game with struggling starting pitchers who are prone to giving up homers, consider betting the over on the total.