Smartwatch Casinos: Top Gambling Sites on Your Smartwatch

When the first online poker rooms and slot machines were introduced in the 1990s, they were the next big thing for gambling.

And then when smartphones started to gain popularity, online gambling matriculated to those platforms too, allowing gamblers to take their moors betting online with them on the go.

Now, the newest advancement in online gambling technology is smartwatch casinos.

Oh yes, smartwatches can do way more than take calls or track your heartbeat, they’re now capable of hosting online slots and video poker moors betting online too!

So, what is there to know about smartwatch gambling?

What is Smartwatch Gambling?

The first thing you need to know about smartwatch gambling is that it actually refers to the practice of playing mobile slot machines via your watch.

There are many reasons why people want to play moors betting online for real money on their devices. One of the most popular reasons today would be convenience and comfort. You can stay home and relax while still being able to play or gamble whenever you want.

Smartwatch Slots Gambling

Mobile casinos make it possible for you to play anywhere you want, whether it’s the bus stop, the train station, your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

However, it’s not just about comfort and convenience. With smartwatch online casinos you can get in your gambling fix without spending hours getting sucked into lengthy moors betting online or attempting to make your money back. Smartwatch gambling sites are quick, easy, and designed to be used while on the move.

Smartwatch gambling is a newer concept, but it’s growing in popularity. And with the constant advancement of technology, smartwatches are only getting better at handling more complex moors betting online and apps.

How to Get Started Gambling With Your Smartwatch

There are two primary ways you can start gambling with your smartwatch.

First and foremost, you can use your watch’s browser to access any of the online casinos we’ve listed above. It’s worth noting that these websites might not be optimized for such small devices, and you’ll probably be limited to playing slots as they’re the easiest to configure for smartwatches.

The best way to start gambling on your smartwatch is to find a dedicated casino app from the Google Play or App Store that is compatible with your device.

Because smartwatch gambling is a relatively new venture, there are far more smartphone apps for online casino moors betting online, but there are still a few notable apps to check out.

Best Casino Apps for Smartwatch Gambling

A thing to note when considering smartwatch casino apps is that not all slots moors betting online are created equal. The moors betting online we recommend here are created by reputable developers, so the random number generators have been tested for fairness.

If you want to learn about how good a smartwatch gambling app is, just take a look at the reviews before downloading it.

Wolf Gold – Wolf Gold is a simple nature-themed slot game with potential high jackpot payouts

The Walking Dead Slot Game – This slot pairs the post-apocalyptic themes of the hit show The Walking Dead with classic slot machine gameplay.

Lucky Slots – This game is great for new smartwatch gamblers. It’s easy, fun, and a staple for any online casino.

Double Luck Nudge – This smartwatch casino app was made by LED Gaming and has been optimized for smartwatches. Plus, each game uses touch sensation specific to some high-tech smartwatches to make the moors betting online more realistic.

Roulette – This app is made by Spin Palace and fits really well on circular smartwatches like the Moto360.

The Dark Knight Rises – Another video slot game you have to try out! This one puts a classic slot machine spin (pun intended) on the Dark Knight films.

Advantages of Using a Smartwatch for Online Gambling

Now, at first glance, smartwatch gambling might sound like a hassle. The screen is small, you have to look at your arm or adjust your arm to eye-level, and the compatibility isn’t that great.

Well, there are some advantages to using a smartwatch for online gambling, and once you switch, you might not switch back!


If you like to be able to do more than one thing at once, then you might want to give smartwatch casino sites a shot. You can play online casino moors betting online while cooking, cleaning, or getting on with other tasks. You don’t need to stop what you’re doing just so that you can relax and have some fun by playing your favorite casino moors betting online.

The best part is that smartwatches have been designed to be compatible with your daily life, so you can even set a time limit for smartwatch use if you’re worried about staying up too late or becoming addicted.

Accessible On The Go

One of the biggest benefits of using a smartwatch for casino moors betting online is that you can play casino moors betting online on the go. As long as you have your smartwatch with you, there’s nothing to stop you from playing wherever you are.

Plus, smartwatches are discreet. If you don’t want the person sitting next to you on the subway to see what you’re doing, it’s much easier to hide your smartwatch than your phone or computer.


Before smartwatches, online players would have needed their smartphones or a laptop, and that required two hands to play online casino moors betting online. But with the smartwatch, the screen is so small you only need one hand. One finger, really!

Some players are concerned that their favorite slots moors betting online won’t translate well to such a small screen with limited controls. But most moors betting online offered at smartwatch gambling sites are optimized to fit the controls. Some moors betting online are even trimmed down and simplified to work better on smartwatches.

Smartwatch Casinos vs. Smartphone Casinos

Smartwatch vs SmartphoneThere’s a lot of debate in the gambling community over why you would ever use smartwatch casinos when you have a smartphone.

Some people argue that smartwatch casinos just don’t seem to offer you the same convenience or ease of use as a smartphone casino.

But smartwatch casinos have their own benefits, and these benefits can help you get in on the action! The biggest benefit is that you will need less time playing your favorite moors betting online, which means more time for everything else. It really is an excellent choice if you’re looking for any amount of downtime, whether it’s during the commute to work or simply while waiting in line.

The controls are also extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. And let’s not forget that smartwatches are far more discreet than your smartphone.

However, mobile casino apps are far more refined on smartphones. The casual gambler might be able to use only their smartwatch to play slots, but smartphones have the computing power to run table moors betting online, video poker, and even live dealer moors betting online.

Plus, the performance of your smartwatch will impact your gameplay. If you have an older model of the Apple Watch, you might not have access to the newest slot moors betting online. That brings us to our next topic: kinds of smartwatches.

What Kind of Smartwatch Do You Need?

It’s no lie that smartwatch technology has grown exponentially in the past few years. The first smartwatches from 2014 seem like dinosaurs compared to the tech we’re wearing today.

So that leads the question: what kind of smartwatch do you need if you want to play casino moors betting online?

Well, it largely depends. Like smartphones, smartwatches are mainly divided between iOS and Android users. You might be able to play casino moors betting online on both platforms, but there are some brands that work better with each platform.

Smartwatch casino apps designed for the Apple Watch work best with iPhones, as well as older versions of the iPad.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy phones will work best with Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of smartwatches you can use for online gaming:

Android Smartwatches

Sony Smartwatch – The Sony Smartwatch can play casino moors betting online on both iOS and Android devices, but works best with Sony Xperia phones.

LG Watch – The LG Watch is only compatible with Android devices, works best with LG phones.

Samsung Smartwatch 2 – This watch can be paired with all Samsung Galaxy models, including the S3 and S4. iPhone users won’t have access to this watch.

Motorola 360 – The 360 watch is not compatible with iOS devices, but available for Android users. Works best with Motorola phones.

iOS Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 1 – The original Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhones. Works best on iPhone 5 and later.

Apple Watch Series 2-7 – can be paired with any iOS device and some newer Android phones, but not all models. Works best with iOS 10 or higher.

The Apple Watch is by far one of the most sought-after smartwatches for casino gambling, because of its computing power and classy iOS navigation. However, many Android-compatible smartwatches offer similar benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Best Real Money Online Casinos for Smartwatch Gambling

Smartwatch SlotsSmartwatch gambling is still a growing trend, but there are a few, quality online casinos that support wearable gaming for money.

Microgaming is one of the largest developers and pioneers of the smartwatch gambling craze. You can find their moors betting online at Spin Palace Casino.

Spin Palace Casino offers plenty of exciting slot moors betting online for your smartwatch, and even a few table moors betting online too, like roulette.

Spin Palace is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and is a staple in the Canadian gambling scene. Because of this, Spin Palace Casino might not be available in your area. You can double check by searching for their app on the Google Play or App Store.

Another great casino to check out is Gambino Slots. As the name suggests, they offer a wide selection of all the best slot machines on the market.

And finally, our last real money smartwatch casino recommendation goes to Jackpot City. This app comes with more than just slots, it also includes video poker, bingo, and table poker. Unfortunately, the app is only available for Apple Watch users.

Top Recommended Smartwatch Betting Sites

Many people who are playing casino moors betting online online also like to bet on sports. The great thing is that you can do that through your smartwatch as well. There are many sports betting sites out there where you can place bets right on your smartwatch.

Below we have listed out what we have found to be the best smartwatch betting sites available right now.

  • BetUS Logo
    BetUS offers an excellent betting experience right through the convenience of your smartwatch or other mobile device.
    Visit BetUS
  • BetOnline Logo
    BetOnline has a first-time deposit bonus for new customers of 50% up to $1,000 to help pad your bankroll.
    Visit BetOnline
  • Bovada Logo
    Bovada is one of the most reputable names and has excellent customer support to help you get started.
    Visit Bovada

With how technology continues to improve and with so many people now using smartwatches, we feel strongly that online betting sites will begin offering more options for placing bets there. The betting apps that are being developed now and will be developed in the future will more than likely have a strong focus on smartwatch betting.

Smartwatch Gambling FAQ

  • What Is The Best Smartwatch For Gambling?

    The newer Apple Watches are great choices if you’re looking to get into smartwatch gambling. They’re powerful and have a lot of dedicated slot apps you can download for them. If you’re an Android user, the new Samsung Galaxy Gear watches are also good choices. A good rule of thumb is the newer the watch, the better. Some developers only optimize their apps for the newest smartwatch models.

  • What Types Of Games Can I Play On My Smartwatch?

    Because of the small nature of the smartwatch’s screen, moors betting online tend to be fairly simple. Three or five-reel slots are popular, and some apps even offer video poker. Games like craps or baccarat are harder to translate to smartwatches, but there are roulette and poker apps out there!

  • Should I Play Individual Slots Apps Or Download A Casino App?

    It’s really up to your preference. If you like a singular slot game that can’t be found anywhere else, by all means. But by downloading an online casino app, you have access to more than just one app. Plus, by using a smartwatch casino app, you can consolidate your banking to one place instead of playing across multiple apps.

  • Can I Play Online Poker Through My Smartwatch?

    If you’re looking to play online poker on your smartwatch or any other smart device, we suggest checking out Bovada Poker. They are one of the most trusted names around and they offer a 100% up to $500 welcome bonus.

  • What Kind Of Connection Do I Need To Gamble On My Smartwatch?

    Most of the apps available for smartwatch gambling require some kind if Internet connection. The slots you’re playing on your watch aren’t really stored on your watch, they’re communicating with servers that host the RNGs and other data. Playing offline is an option if you choose the right app, but almost every good slot game or casino app requires a WiFi or data connection.

  • Is Smartwatch Gambling Safe?

    While there’s still a lot of unknown variables when it comes to smartwatch gambling apps, as long as you choose a reputable one to play on, you won’t have any trouble. The biggest problems arise when people download poorly-rated apps from shady developers. Stick with companies you know and that are highly-rated on the Google Play or App Store.