Best Christmas Themed Scratch Cards

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The holiday season is in full swing, and people are scrambling to complete their shopping lists. It is hard to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Thankfully, gamblers are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for.

People who love scratch cards are especially easy to buy for. You can buy them a stack of Christmas scratch cards and they will be more than satisfied.

Finding the right Christmas themed scratch cards does not need to be a hassle, either. We will tell you everything you need to know about buying scratch cards for the holidays right here. Also, we will tell you how to find the best scratch off moors betting online online.

How to Buy Scratch Cards

Christmas scratch cards are the perfect stocking stuffer for any adult on your list this holiday season. The only question is whether you are buying physical scratch cards or online versions.

State Lottery Games

Millions of players use physical scratch card moors betting online every year. The best physical scratch cards are usually a part of state-run lottery programs.

If your state lottery has scratch moors betting online, they will likely have Christmas themed scratch cards available. Companies love to use holidays to promote their products. Christmas is one of the best examples of this tactic throughout the year.

In most states with regulated scratch card moors betting online, these lottery-style moors betting online are easy to find. You can buy Christmas scratch cards at your local gas station or any other authorized seller. In some states, you can even order cards in bulk by purchasing them online.

Online Scratch Cards

Speaking of buying cards online, you can find a ton of Christmas scratch cards online at the best US casinos.

The difference is that you cannot physically give someone an online scratch card. But you can buy them a casino gift card so they can buy the cards themselves. You can also help them sign up for a great casino site with awesome scratch card moors betting online.

Finding the best scratch cards for Christmas is easier to do online. Players can access the latest holiday casino moors betting online from the top developers.

You will need to create an account at a top-rated casino to find the best scratch cards. Luckily, our casino experts have already found the best casinos with online scratch card moors betting online. According to our research, these are the best casinos with Christmas themed casino moors betting online.

Our recommended casino sites are full of great casino moors betting online. Many of the sites above have even added new Christmas themed casino moors betting online. These festive gambling options are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season.

You can sign up at any of the suggested casino sites above in a matter of minutes. They also accept a large variety of banking methods.

Also, our recommended casino sites offer great casino bonuses. These promotional offers are a great way to get more money for buying Christmas scratch cards.

Best Scratch Cards for Christmas

Christmas themed scratch cards are a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Unfortunately, these specialty moors betting online are not always widely available, and they can have low RTPs.

Consider these other scratch off moors betting online from our recommended casinos for a fun and profitable holiday gaming experience.

Play with Cleo

Ancient Egypt is one of the most popular casino game themes. The Play with Cleo scratch card centers around one of Egypt’s most popular figures, queen Cleopatra. It is a great gift for any scratch card fan on your holiday shopping list.

The game features a 95% RTP, which is on par with most online casino moors betting online. It is also a much higher return than most lottery-style moors betting online.

One of the best parts of Play with Cleo is its bonus features. Players can earn free cards and multipliers on a regular basis when playing. It also has a perfect five-star rating at DuckyLuck Casino.

Mysterious Lamp

Another great scratch card game to play this holiday season is Mysterious Lamp. This is one of the best scratch cards for Christmas, even though it is not specifically holiday themed.

Mysterious Lamp gives players plenty of bonus opportunities. Players can win up to 10 free cards at a time. Also, during free moors betting online, prizes are automatically doubled.

These bonus opportunities are a huge reason why Mysterious Lamp is one of the best Christmas scratch cards. It is a gift that keeps on giving. The top prize in this 3×3 scratch card game is 12,170x your initial stake.

Dream Vacation

The winter months can be hard, especially if you live in the northern US. One way to make the cold winter days a little easier is to picture yourself vacationing on a warm, sunny beach.

Playing the Dream Vacation scratch card allows you to do just that. It is set on a sunny beach on a tropical island. This is one of the best scratch card moors betting online available at Wild Casino.

Dream Vacation is a fun and easy scratch card to play. The top prize is $125,000, which is enough to make anyone’s holiday better. Also, the “Reveal All” button allows you to play faster and play more cards per hour.

Lucky Plunder

Another great tropical scratch card game at Wild Casino is Lucky Plunder. This scratch off game is the perfect way to escape the cold winter days that accompany the Christmas holiday.

Lucky Plunder includes eight symbols, with prizes ranging from 3x to 700x your stake amount. The eighth symbol unlocks free moors betting online, with up to 10 free moors betting online available at a time.

Screen cap of Lucky Plunder scratch card

Players will receive double rewards during free moors betting online. The highest prize amount for Lucky Plunder is 12,170x your stake amount. Players can easily adjust their stake amounts thanks to the easy-to-navigate- user interface in this scratch off game.

Sea Treasures

The final game on our list is called Sea Treasures. This tropical scratch off game is one of the best scratch cards for Christmas because it helps players escape the cold, dreary days of winter.

Also, it has an RTP of 95%, which means players have a high chance of winning prizes. The 5% house edge is much lower than you typically see with Christmas scratch cards.

Sea Treasures is also a great gift because it can be played on desktop and mobile devices. DuckyLuck has a great mobile casino app that allows members to access all of their favorite casino moors betting online.

Scratch Card Tips

Playing one of the scratch card moors betting online above is a great way to celebrate the holiday season in style. They offer great chances to win huge prizes this Christmas. Here are some more scratch card tips to help you become a winner this holiday season.

Quality Over Quantity

Businesses will use major holidays as promotional tools to try and attract new customers. That is one reason why so many lotteries and casinos offer Christmas scratch cards.

However, these seasonal offerings are not always the best for the player. You need to maintain good gambling etiquette and do your research.

You may find that many of the holiday scratch off tickets being offered have low RTPs. Some seasonal casino bonuses have high rollover requirements, making them impossible to use.

Avoiding These tickets and bonuses will help make your holiday season a happy one. Look for moors betting online with high RTPs and bonuses with low rollover requirements instead. Quality over quantity is always the way to go when it comes to buying scratch off tickets, especially around the holidays.

Buy as Many as Possible

Your odds of winning a huge prize on your first scratch off ticket are incredibly low. But you can increase your odds at a jackpot by purchasing multiple cards.

Whether you are buying Christmas scratch cards for yourself or for others, you need to buy them in bulk. Every card you buy increases your chances of being a winner.

Of course, buying a lot of cards can get expensive quickly. This is yet another reason to play scratch cards online. Online cards tend to be less expensive, so you can buy more of them.

Redeem Bonuses and Second Chance

Scratch card players should also do their best to redeem all of the bonuses and rebates that they can. Casinos will often offer bonuses to new and existing players, which could be used to buy more scratch off tickets.

Physical Christmas themed scratch cards can also offer bonus options. These are usually offered in the form of second-chance drawings.

State lotteries will sometimes offer second-chance drawings if the top prizes were not claimed. Registering your losing Christmas scratch cards can automatically enter you into these drawings.


Christmas scratch cards are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and win money while you are at it. You can buy the latest holiday scratch offs online or in person. Tropical themed scratch cards are also a good way to go to escape the cold winter weather.

Check out these other casino blogs for more help learning about scratch cards and other casino moors betting online.

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