Real Money Craps Apps USA

There’s little disagreement that the most energetic and exciting casino game available is craps. What’s more exciting is you can now experience the action of this dice game with multiple betting options on the go, thanks to mobile craps apps.

Win money and get incredible VIP treatment without the need to travel to the closest brick and mortar casino. Here is an up-to-date list of the best craps apps.

How to Play Craps Using an App

Most all online casinos are mobile-friendly. Some require a download and others transfer beautifully from desktop to mobile device.

These casinos offer a way for you to play craps from the convenience of your smartphone.

Casinos With Craps Games

Café Casino is mobile-friendly and offers a craps game. New players are greeted with a welcome bonus of $2,500 up to 350% and if you’re a bitcoin user, you’ll enjoy the extra perks and rewards the casino offers exclusively to those who choose to bank with crypto.

Cafe Casino Logo
Pros of Café Casino

  • Weekly Mystery Bonus
  • $100 referrals
  • Three customer support options: phone, live chat, and email

Cons of Café Casino

  • Limited banking methods
  • Withdrawal fees for non-cryto payouts

Wild Casino has a jungle theme and playing your favorite craps variation on the go is as easy as rolling the dice.

Wild Casino has a $5,000 match Welcome Bonus to get you started and quick and simple cash out options when you’re ready to collect your winnings.

Wild Casino Logo

Pros of Wild Casino

  • Prompt payouts
  • Welcome bonus and weekday promotions
  • More than 10 banking methods

Cons of Wild Casino

  • Lack of practice mode
  • Credit card transaction fees

Ignition Casino is a great place to practice your dice roll on your mobile device. They have a craps practice mode and a $3,000 Welcome Bonus for newcomers.

You’ll also find an instructional section on craps if you need a refresher on how to play, betting options, and payout information.

Ignition Casino Logo
Pros of Ignition Casino

  • Quick payouts
  • Live dealer tables
  • Million dollar monthly Hot Drop Jackpots

Cons of Ignition Casino

  • Lack of E-Wallet methods
  • Credit card transaction fees

Super Slots is more than just slot moors betting online. You can play mobile craps wherever your travels take you. They also have a variety of other casino moors betting online to keep you entertained.

Super Slots Logo

Pros of Super Slots

  • Large variety of banking methods
  • 10 plus promotions to choose from
  • $6,000 Welcome Bonus

Cons of Super Slots

  • Lacks phone option for customer support
  • Lacks demo mode

Key Features of Best Real Money Craps Apps

If there is one thing we take seriously here, it’s our rankings and recommendations. We’re old school and believe that if we vouch for a company or product, we better be willing to put our name completely behind it. What does this mean for you? It means the top apps for playing craps we are recommending in this guide are safe, trustworthy, and are the highest-quality options on the market.

While the entire review and ranking process is extensive, here are just a few of the significant factors we look for when making our final selections.

High Odds Allowance

Experienced craps players will know the odds bet is not only the best wager you can make in the game, but it’s also the best wager you can make in the entire casino. With that knowledge, it should be no surprise gamblers want to get as much action as possible on this wager. You’ll see this advertised as a perk on many craps tables, both in person and online.

Bigger is better. The worst you’re going to see is 1x, which means you are only allowed to bet one time the size of your come bet. A better option is seeing odds between 3x and 5x depending on the particular number you are wagering on.

This allows you to get sufficient action with the lowered house edge. Sometimes, though, you can even get odds allowance much higher than this!

Now, just because you’re getting the ability to bet more does not mean you need to take advantage of it. But if you’re going to get into the game, you’re going to want the best online craps apps that allow you to fire as much or as little as you want to. The betting apps we’ve provided do just that.

Smooth Dice Roll Animations and Online Casino Graphics

Half the fun of playing craps is watching the dice fly and decide the fate of the table. Using real money craps apps does not mean you have to miss out on fun. Technology, graphics, and animations have come far enough that you should be able to get excitement from watching the dice fly digitally. We test all of the top US craps apps online to make sure the options we recommend understand this and deliver with a premier experience.

Player Safety and Security

While this factor is listed last, it’s really the most important area we analyze when conducting our reviews of mobile casino apps. There is no way you can make money, win big, or enjoy your time if you have to worry about the safety and security of your money and the moors betting online you’re playing. Here are the major questions we get answers to before recommending any betting apps online.

  1. Would we honestly classify these as the safest craps apps available on the market?
  2. Are the banking options offered secure and properly integrated?
  3. Does management conduct regular security audits to find and address any issues?
  4. Does the company regularly update servers, systems, and programs to address security concerns?
  5. Do USA craps apps utilize fair random number generators? Are the moors betting online audited for fairness by third parties?

Differences Between US Casino Craps and Playing Craps Online

A common question we get from new players is whether using casino craps apps in the United States is the same as what they’re used to playing in person. We like to answer this question in two ways, in terms of the rules/gameplay and in terms of the experience. The rules and the gameplay are identical. This is the same game of craps you’re used to playing in the casino. You win the same, play the same, and there is nothing new you need to learn for the online versions.

Casino Craps and Mobile Craps

The experience, though, will be somewhat different. To give you an honest look at how it’s different, here are four of the biggest changes you’ll notice when you make the switch to using real money online craps apps.

Ease of Following Your Craps Bets

The best phrase to describe the craps table when there are several players is controlled chaos. Bets and chips are flying everywhere, and it can be tough to make sure your bets are taken care of properly and paid as they should be.

When using your mobile device to play craps online, though, everything is handled digitally. Additionally, you have your very own table. This means you can finally relax and be 100% sure your bets will be paid out properly.

Atmosphere and Energy Level

When you walk into a brick and mortar casino, you can usually hear the hooting and hollering of the craps tables from a mile away. The energy and camaraderie that comes with the game permeate throughout the casino. When you play using US craps apps online, you’re not going to get this.

The atmosphere and environment you’ll experience during play will be completely dependent on the atmosphere and environment you set up yourself. For some, this is a bummer.

It’s important to remember you’re still going to have the excitement and rush of the game itself driving the action.

Just because you have fewer drunks screaming and looking for high fives does not take away from the rush the game delivers. And if that’s a deal-breaker, grab a case of beer and invite some of your pals over to watch you play!

Play Craps Online at Your Own Pace

Something especially great about playing craps online for new players is the pace the game takes. When you play in person, the game is 100 mph. If you can’t keep up, that becomes your problem because the rest of the table is not prepared to wait for you.

When you play online, though, you set the pace. You’ll have your own table, and you’ll control the action. If it takes you 10 minutes to set up your bets before the dice get tossed, no problem. It’s great for players looking to relax or those looking to learn. It’s also great for craps players who like speed because just as you can go slow when you set the pace, you can also drive the action faster if you want.

Craps Bonus Tracking

Not only is it easier for you to keep track of your wagers when you’re playing with US craps apps, but it’s also easier for the casino to track your action. What does that mean for you? It means better bonuses and more VIP rewards. Every single dollar you wager will get you credit with the casino.

When you play in person, you have to hope the pit boss is paying attention and does their job to credit you with your play. Additionally, in-house rewards at the casino start at a much higher play threshold than they do online.

Always an Open Craps Table Online

Ever try and play craps on a busy night in the casino? If you have, you’re well aware that getting a spot at the table can be a challenge. Even if there is a slot open, the casino might have pushed the table minimums so high that you’re unable to play comfortably.

With online craps in the US, you’re never going to have this problem. You can always find a table at the exact stakes you want to play no matter what day of the week it is. Additionally, if you need to take a break, you don’t have to worry about losing your spot for the rest of the night.

Craps for Your Mobile Device (iOS and Android)

Android and Apple Logos IconDevice compatibility might be something you haven’t thought of while looking for the best craps app online. But it’s something that is extremely important, especially if you’re looking for the best experience possible.

Thankfully, the top mobile devices and operating systems are thoroughly covered by game developers and providers. Whether you’re looking for an iOS craps app or an Android craps app, you’ll find some killer options recommended in this guide.

Online Casinos With All Your Favorite Games

Playing craps is great, but you may want to explore other casino moors betting online too. These casinos top our list for variety, bonuses, and mobile compatibility.

Craps Apps FAQ

  • Are US Craps Apps Safe to Use?

    Your experience playing craps online can be completely safe as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

    • Don’t play anywhere except the safest USA craps apps that have been vetted by a security team. All of the options we recommend here are fully vetted and checked regularly by our security and safety experts. Stick with these options, and you’ll be safe. Go outside the lines, and we can’t guarantee anything.
    • Utilize a safe and challenging password. Additionally, don’t share this password with anyone.
    • Never log into your online craps game from a computer lab, shared workspace, friend’s phone, or anything other than your own mobile device. Even if you trust the person who owns it, you never know if they’ve kept their security up to date.
    • On that note, you keep your mobile phone or tablet security up to date. This includes software updates, antivirus installation, and any other recommendations from the providers.
  • Could a Craps App Be Rigged?

    The top casino moors betting online in the US are not rigged and for good reason. The casino or house will always have a mathematical edge in the long run when it comes to craps. If they’re guaranteed to win in the long run across all players, why would they ever want to risk that by rigging the moors betting online? Additionally, most of the top betting apps use third-party companies for auditing their software and random number generators to further prove the legitimacy of the moors betting online.

    The bottom line is, we won’t recommend any options we don’t fully trust to be offering fair moors betting online.

  • Are There Craps Apps for iPhone?

    Yes, there are some top iPhone craps moors betting online built specifically for the iOS operating system. These iPhone casino apps offer dice action in a safe and legal manner that doesn’t require you to set foot in a casino to get set up.

  • Are There Craps Apps for Android?

    Often neglected by the technology world, such is not the case when it comes to playing craps on your Android device. In this guide, we cover plenty of high-quality, safe Android gambling options to get your dice action without needing to leave the house.